Developmental projects in Fata: Finance releases Rs 1 billion to Safron | Business Recorder

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Developmental projects in Fata: Finance releases Rs 1 billion to Safron December 03, 2011 RECORDER REPORT 0 Comments Ministry of Finance released Rs 1 billion to State and Frontier Regions (Safron) for the execution of developmental projects in FATA under fast track development announced by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Secretary Safron informed the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Safron that Federal Government allocated Rs 15 billion development budget in annual budget for uplift of FATA, but they received Rs 01 billion in first five months of current fiscal year. The 16th meeting of Standing Committee on SAFRON was held with Sajid Hussain Turi in the chaire here on Friday. FATA parliamentarians in the committee also raised their concern that FATA Secretariat filed case in 2009 with Finance Division for creation of 4,545 posts, which required Rs 11 billion. Though Finance Division has agreed to release funds for only 1,000 posts, but no funds have been released even for the posts, they alleged.FATA members of the Committee made complaints that neither funds are released nor appointments are made in areas of FATA which is creating a sense of deprivation and frustration among the natives. They demanded that allocation for development Budget should be made comparable with Non-Development Budget of FATA.To a question, Secretary Ministry of SAFRON said that all caudal formalities for release of funds have been completed long time ago and only in time release of funds is required. The chairman committee called the secretary Finance and secretary SAFRON and FATA Secretariat in next meeting to explain the position.It was also decided that Ministry of SAFRON and FATA Secretariat would furnish head-wise break-up of total amount released since 2009 and utilisation report on War on Terror in next meeting. The committee members reported that schools and hospitals are being set on fire in FATA and demanded of the government that the hidden hand should be unearthed as except Mohmand Agency peace is prevailing in other areas.Members committee also demanded that MNAs and MPAs of the area should be taken into confidence with regard to all public schemes, projects by Donors/NGOs and Annual Development Plan (ADP). A transparent monitoring, evaluation and audit system of the programmes should also be launched. Provision of Rs 1,800 million for strengthening of Peace Committees/ Lashkers should be rationalised.The proposal of FATA University, IT University, Medical College and Engineering University may be included in PSDP without further delay. The Committee expressed concern on the poor performance by Highway and Building Division of Communication and Works (C&W) in Upper, Lower and Central Kurram agency.The concerned officers never visit the area. The financial data provided by the departments indicate that work done is not transparent. Ministry of SAFRON may ensure transparent, release, utilisation, monitoring and evaluation in Central Kurram, The Highway Division office should not be shifted from Parachinnar to any other place. The position as on 2010 in NA-38 should be maintained. A separate meeting will be held on working of NGOs/Donors and Independent Displaced Persons (IDPs) in FATA area.

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