Two exclusive videos of Shia massacre which were blacked out by Pakistani media | LUBP

Via Scoop.itparachinarvoice

Two exclusive videos of Shia massacre which were blacked out by Pakistani media Recently two videos have been released showing the slaughter of Shia Muslims at the hands of the ISI-SCP backed Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorists. Video 1: Mastung Massacre The first video of the Mastung massacre (September 2011) has been released by the SSP-LeJ media cell in which ISI-SSP produced Jihadi songs have been used as a background music to the execution-style murder of 27 Shia Hazaras in Mastung, Balochistan. This is an incredibly horrifying video of LeJ-SSP terrorists (extremist Deobandis brainwashed by Saudi-ISI Jihad Enterprise) murdering Shia travellers, which would leave your heart in pain. Discretion is advised. Update: Only yesterday, 1 December 2011, yet another Shia (a Kurd Baloch) namely Gohar Aziz Kurd S/o Mukhtiar Aziz, aged 20 year was killed in the Mastung market by ISI-backed LeJ-SSP terrorists. This news too was blacked out by ISI-influenced Pakistani media. Video 2: Karachi Scouts Massacre The second video of three Shia scouts’ massacre in Karachi is based on a CCTV footage released by Huriyat News. In this video, the connivance of Pakistan’s security forces (army rangers) with SSP-LeJ terrorists can be clearly seen. This video too was completely blacked out by both right wing and urban fake liberal affiliates of Pakistani establishment. Exclusive CCTV Footage of Numaish Incident Karachi

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