Popular Female Singer Dies in Mysterious Circumstances | The Baloch Hal

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Popular Female Singer Dies in Mysterious Circumstances The Baloch Hal News QUETTA: A popular Quetta-based female Pashtu singer, Yasmeen Gul, has died at her home in mysterious circumstances,Quetta Police confirmed. Pictures of the late popular singer taken at the hospital showed marks of bruise and abrasion around her neck. The police found the dead body of the renowned singer from her home in Nawan Killi. According to the local police, the spouse of Yasmeen Gul reported the death of his wife in Nawan Killi Police station. The police shifted the dead body to the civil hospital for autopsy. Citing two different statements the official said that the mother of Yasmeen Gul blamed her son in law and husband of Yasmeen Gul for murdering her daughter while her husband rejected the allegations and said that overdrinking of liquor could have caused her death. Police are investigating the case. A report on a Pashtu website said, ” a famous Pashtun singer, Yasmeen Gul, from Baluchistan, Pakistan died in her house today. The cause of death is unknown till now. Yasmeen Gul sang a number of songs for P.T.V (Pakistan Television) and released some CDs. She mostly sang folk songs.
Yasmeen was different from other singers and was always taking Pashtun culture into account. She never sang for commercial purposes and became so famous so fast.”
Via thebalochhal.com

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