Marvi Memon’s join PMLN and press talk at Raiwind March 4 2012 | Marvi Memon

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Marvi Memon’s press talk at Raiwind March 4 2012
Posted by Yasir on Mar 4, 2012 in Press Release | 26 comments
My first encounter with PMLN was when I saw them fighting for democracy against President Musharraf. I never understood then what I understood on the eve of my resignation from parliament; the importance of not being part of establishment’s politics. I learnt this lesson in three years whilst other politicians who are twenty years my senior have still not learnt it and are playing power politics under the establishment’s umbrella even today. PMLN learnt this lesson the hard way and truly moved on.
Since my resignation I got the opportunity to examine a few political options from very close up. I even considered going independently. I have come to the considered opinion that practicing new politics as a lone ranger does not help the cause of ‘new politics’ in Pakistan. As such after 8 months of serious thinking I have decided to join a real Team of political workers who carry the legacy of Quaid e Azam’s Muslim League and a political party which has taken visible reform steps in the direction of ‘new politics’.
This is perhaps the only decision in my life which took me so long to make. I examined all the propaganda against PMLN and discussed it threadbare with their leadership. They were so patient. I had unfortunately only seen PMLN through the opponents prism and perhaps that is why when I saw so many similarities of policy and approach I was so pleasantly surprized. I had a detailed policy meeting with PMLN Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif. I had another detailed meeting with Chief Minister Punjab. I had several brainstorming sessions with PMLN’s senior leadership, my former colleagues from the assembly, Khawaja Saad Rafiq, Pervaiz Rashid, and many others. I questioned them endlessly about their policies and their future strategies. I found PMLN top leadership very down to earth, serious, and wise on national issues. Their detailed knowledge of provincial sensitivities and grassroot politics really made an impact on me. Their strategy and vision was clear and not muddled or confused like others. I found in them a sense of pain for their people which I had not expected. On the other side the fake change team’s leadership whilst gliterring on the outside was flaky, non detail oriented and inconsistent on the inside. My decision became crystal clear after having met Mian Nawaz Sharif. Here was a Quaid who wanted to encourage younger leadership and empower them. Today, I am grateful for the gracious invitation to be part of PMLN and I am pleased to accept the leadership of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Sahib. Pakistan in 2012 cannot afford experiments and fake promises of change. It needs the real change. It deserves to be led by those who have:
Firstly, sacrificed for the establishment of democracy and an independent judiciary. Believe in the rule of law. Secondly, have shown through their conduct that they have a clear understanding of the role of the armed forces being subservient to parliament. Thirdly, wish to have peaceful relations with their neighbours; they wish to have bilaterals based on mutual respect and dignity versus subservience. Fourthly, have demonstrated better governance in Punjab versus the ruins the other parties have made of the other provinces. Have promised to resign if charges proved against them. Which is something the federal government hasn’t done. Fifthly, have shown grassroot presence and understanding of inter provincial issues by their presence and visits to all our provinces and territories. Who believe in provincial autonomy concept and stronger provinces making a stronger federation. Who have a clear policy on the injustices that the smaller provinces have suffered. Sixthly, have progressive policies and views on a range of subjects like: extremism, energy, business environment, agriculture, education, health, human rights, women empowerment, electoral reform and environment. And finally who have the largess of heart to encourage youth and younger leadership like myself to contributing towards Pakistan’s growth.
In my humble opinion and in the tradition of Bhittai’s Marui, I have taken a correct decision versus the shortcut glittery gold populist decision. I look forward to serving the people of Pakistan from the platform of PMLN as a worker with all honesty and integrity. I need no positions and I have no demands. I just want to serve my people. I just want to be of some use for my people. That is what Bhittai’s Marui would have done. I cant do differently. My marooara expect only that. This is not about me. This is about my people. This is about Pakistan.
PMLN Zindabad. Pakistan Paindabad.

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