15% of FATA population suffer from hepatitis: WHO

Via Scoop.itparachinarvoice

15% of FATA population suffer from hepatitis: WHO By Ashfaq Yusufzai 2012-02-13 Reset PESHAWAR- Fifteen percent of the population of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) suffer from hepatitis, a WHO official said February 13. Related Articles
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•TTP fractures into more than 100 groups “About 72 studies conducted at the premier health institutes in Pakistan had shown that 8% of the FATA population had hepatitis B and 7% were afflicted with (hepatitis) C,” Dr Khalid Khan of WHO told Central Asia Online. Hepatitis incidence is rising because of syringe re-use, insterile equipment in hospitals and clinics, and transfusion of unscreened blood, he said. “We in collaboration with FATA Hepatitis Control Programme have launched an awareness campaign to scale up people’s knowledge about the causative agents,” he said. “Those infected are being treated for free,” he said.
Via centralasiaonline.com

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