Four from FATA elected Senators | Business Recorder

Via Scoop.itparachinarvoice

Four candidates among the 11 contestants from Federally Administered Tribal Areas successfully sailed through the elections for the Upper House held here in the Parliament House on Friday. Hidayatullah, Najamul Hassan and Saleh Shah secured five votes each to win the Senate seats while Hilalur Rehman was elected through a draw as four candidates had secured equal number (Four) of votes. From FATA, 11 candidates including Hameedullah Jan Afridi, Dr Aurangzeb Khan, Sahibzada Abdul Salam Shirani, Abdul Malik Qadri, Abdul Waheed Khan, Muhammad Saleh Shah, Malik Abdur Rehman, Malik Najmul Hassan, Munir Khan Orakzai, Hadayat Ullah and Hilal-ur-Rehman were in the run.
According to procedure, 12 members of National Assembly from FATA elect four Senators after every three years. During Friday’s polling nine MNAs from FATA out of sitting 11 members, cast their votes. Akhunzada Chattan and Abdul Malik Wazir did not cast their votes. The polling for four FATA Senate seats had started 0900 hours that continued uninterrupted till 1600 hours after which the count was made and the result was announced. These Senators-elect will replace the four outgoing Senators from FATA on March 12.

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